Accounts Payable & Budget


Employee Travel

Employee Intra-district Mileage Spreadsheets - 2017
Employee Travel Request and Checklist - 2016
Employee Travel Request and Checklist - 2017

General Finance

Cash Advance - Student Allocation Log Form
To be used for student activity travel allocations.
Cash Receipts Form
Cash Receipts Procedures
Cash Request Form
To be used for requesting use of cash within the district.
Employee Reimbursement Request Form
To be used for non-travel reimbursements.
Family Fresh Purchasing Guidelines
To be used when making purchases using a District Family Fresh card and purchase order.
Journal Entry Form
RFSD Tax Exempt Form
To be sent to vendors providing RFSD with goods and services.
W-9 Tax Form
To be completed by new vendors providing a service to the district.

Annual Budget

Budget Development Manual - 2017-18
Budget Purchase Request Form
Budget Worksheet
Common School Fund Allocation - 2016-17
School Allocation Worksheet
Skyward Budget Entry Procedures
Skyward Budget Reporting Procedures
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