City Transportation

Transportation Department-Rural Transportation

Students to be transported who live outside the city limits will be expected to walk reasonable distances to bus stops in order to enhance efficient transportation. Reasonable distances are considered to be .5 of a mile for Grades K-5 and .7 of a mile for Grades 6-12. Walking distances may be longer in cases of "private" lanes.

Drivers will not enter private property unless all of the following conditions have been met:

  1. The walk is declared a safety hazard.
  2. The school district has on file a signed release from the parent/property owner for any property damage or personal liability while on the private property.
  3. If a driver is required/allowed to enter a private yard, there must be an area of such size to allow for continuous forward movement in the turn-around process or an area 50 feet by 40 feet to provide for a "T" turn around. All turn arounds must be kept clear for use and will be reviewed annually before the school term begins.
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