Schoology for Parents

The first thing parents need to do once they receive the parent access code from their child's teacher or the school (email for a code if you don't have one) is use it to sign up for a parent account in Schoology.  If you have the parent access code then follow these steps to sign-up for an account:

  1. Get on the internet and go to
  2. Click the "sign-up" button on the top
  3. Click on parent and type in the parent access code that was given to you
  4. Fill in the fields creating your parent account, you can change these things later if you wish

NOTE: After you sign-up for your account you then can just click "log-in" each time you want to access Schoology
Once you create a parent account and associate yourself with your kids in Schoology you will never need to do this again as long as your kids are in River Falls Public Schools. 

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