River Falls 4 Children (4C)

River Falls 4 Children Registration Information

The registration forms for the 2016-17 school year are available at all elementary schools, district office, and all RF4C sites.  You can also download the forms on this webpage.
Return the forms to Westside Elementary School by one of three ways:


  • Bring them to Westside between the hours of 8:00am-4:00pm M-F
  • Mail them to Westside Elementary School, RF4C, 1007 W Pine Street, River Falls, WI  54022
  • Scan and email them to Becky.McAleavey@rfsd.k12.wi.us

Please bring or send a copy of your child's birth certificate for age verification.
For more information, please call Becky McAleavey at 715-307-2481 OR 715-425-1815 ext 3239.


Registration for the 2017-18 school year for RF4C begins

      March 6, 2017 at 7:30 am at Westside Elementary.       

1007 W Pine Street, RF

and will continue through the school year.


Updated Registration forms for 2017-18 school year will be available February 16, 2017.



Registration Instructions:

Download ALL the following forms from below, fill out completely and bring to Westside Elementary:

 Registration Form
Child Care Enrollment
Health History & Emergency Care Plan
Child Health Report (must be signed by physician) 
Immunization Form (A printed copy from your clinic will work also)
Home Language Survey
RF4C Transportation Form (Both sides must be filled out regardless of utilizing transportation)
Birth Certificate (for age verification)


Registration for 2017-18 will begin March 6, 2017

Parent Information Meetings to be held in February 2017.  Information flyer in Right Column under Resources/News





Registration Forms

2017-18 RF4C Registration Form
Child Care Enrollment
Health History and Emergency Care Plan
Child Health Report
Immunization Form
Home Language Survey
RF4C Transportation form 2017-18

The goal of our early childhood curriculum is to create an environment that promotes learning and social skills appropriate for our four-year-olds. Children learn by doing….they use all of their senses to explore and get information. The River Falls School District is committed to promoting a high quality preschool education for all children. Play is the important work of a four-year old.

The teachers for the River Falls 4 Children will use the Creative Curriculum and the Wisconsin State Early Learning Standards (thinkbigstartsmall.com) as a curriculum guide.  All teachers have DPI licenses in early childhood/kindergarten and are highly qualified to work with preschool children. In addition the teachers and assistants will continue to attend conferences and workshops on early childhood education.  

Each child will be given the opportunity to learn at his/her own pace and in the way preschoolers learn best…through play! Actually, what looks like play has been planned by professionals to develop specific skills that your child will need for later school years and into adult life. Your child’s daily schedule will include a balance between the following types of activities:

  • Active and quiet times
  • Large group activities, small group activities, as well as time to play alone or with others
  • Indoor and outdoor playtime
  • Time for children to select activities on their own and time for the children to participate in teacher directed activities

 The following are a few examples of how what appears to be play is actually a learning experience that helps the child prepare for school!


When Children Do This  They Are Learning To
Put blocks in a truck and dump them out   Understand size, weight, and number concepts (Math and Science)
Put pegs in a pegboard  Eye-Hand Coordination (Reading and Writing Readiness
Finish a puzzle, complete a task from start to finish (Study Habits and Self-Esteem)
Play beside other children  Get along with others (Social Skills)
Follow directions in a recipe by adding  Understanding measurements ingredients (Math)
Turning pages of a book   Learning to read from left to right
Scribble on paper     Using writing as a means to communicate (Fine Motor Coordination)
Listen to a story and talk about what happened Love of books, remembering details, expressing ideas (Language)
Put on dress-up clothes Small muscle development (Writing and Self-Help)
Make play-dough  See how materials change (Science)
Following directions  (Listening and Comprehension)
Separate cups and plates  Grouping objects into categories (Math)


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Children arrive at preschool with varying levels of exposure to books, language, the alphabet, and word play. Many children who begin their preschool year not recognizing any letters soon catch up once they begin sharing this exposure to literacy instruction. Others may, for whatever reason, continue to lag behind even at the end of the preschool or kindergarten year. The screening purpose of PALS is to catch those students who are not displaying these literacy skills even after given instruction. Therefore, PreK is too early to identify a student as "at-risk" for reading difficulties. PALS PreK should be used to learn what students currently know and what they are ready to learn next, and can also be used to identify strengths and needs in the PreK program curriculum, but it is not a screening tool. No specific benchmarks are given for PALS-PreK; rather, a series of benchmark ranges are given for the spring assessment only. Scoring within these benchmark ranges predicts future reading success.


Download this flyer for more information on PALS - 
Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening


Inclement Weather Information


  • If the River Falls School District cancels school for the day, all RF4C programs will also be canceled.  
  • If the school district delays school in the mornings, AM Sessions of RF4C will be canceled.  PM Sessions will still run as usual.  
  • If the school district closes school early because of the weather, PM Sessions of RF4C will be canceled.


RF4C collects Box Tops and Labels for Education.  Start collecting today and bring to your 4C classroom.


Information Presented at Meetings

RF4C Power Point Presentation Parent Information Meeting
FAQs about RF4C Program
4K Readiness Guideline
Is your child ready for 4K?
2016-17 Program Handbook
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  • 852 East Division Street, River Falls, WI 54022
  • Phone: (715) 425-1800
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