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Our classrooms are set up differently from a conventional classroom. Montessori saw and understood the benefits of having a multi-aged classroom. In this setting students are able to teach and learn from one another. The older children act as role models both in academics and behaviors. The younger children are encouraged to seek the help and guidance of the older children as a step in their problem solving process.  It also allows for a high degree of differentiation and individualization in our daily instruction. It is not uncommon to have  multiple age levels present in a teacher's lesson. Additionally, each child is with the same guide/teacher for the three year cycle. This creates a strong bond between the child and the adult and allows the guide to effectively meet the needs of each child.

Each level is separated as follows:
Children's House          4-year-old and 5-year-old Kindergarten
Lower Elementary        Grades 1-3
Upper Elementary        Grades 4-6

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