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Knight School

Time: 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. Monday - Thursday

In addition to the full diploma program offered during the day, the Renaissance Academy also offers two programs during the evening (Basic Skills Diploma and GED Option #2). These programs are designed primarily for young adults who have either dropped out of school or are in their senior year and are extremely credit deficient.

Basic Skills Diploma

The curriculum is designed to complete a series of classes that have already been started in high school. The emphasis is on basic skills. It is primarily designed to prepare students for occupations that do not require a college degree, but do require competencies in the areas of communication and basic math. 

However, it does not eliminate students who would, indeed, like to pursue a college degree. A diploma such as this, along with a high ACT score, has been known to gain entrance immediately into a four year college. The more likely route for a student with a Basic Skills Diploma, who would like further education, would be via a vocational school or junior college.

The typical graduate will have probably earned more than the 16 required credits, as a number of elective classes will have already been completed at the high school.

Program Organization

Location: The Renaissance Academy

Time: 4.30 PM-8.30 PM, Monday - Thursday

Students: Seniors who are ½ credit or more behind 

Individuals who have already dropped out of high school and who can realistically obtain the required number of credits before the school year in which they turn 22 years of age.

Open enrollment dates do not restrict entry into this program. 

At-risk Enrollment: Students are eligible for 66:30 funds at any time during the year from their home district.

Calendar: Approximately the same as the regular school calendar

Diploma: Students will be awarded a River Falls Basic Skills Diploma

Staff: 1 teacher per 12 students


Taryl Graetz, Director

Kit Luedtke, Principal

Program Structure

Students may register to enter the program on any Monday that school is in session.

Prior to entering the program, all students will take the TABE (Test of Adult Basic Education) battery of tests.

Students are responsible for furnishing a current transcript.

Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from school.

Students are expected to work quietly, on their own, unless they need assistance. Anyone who is not on task for a significant amount of time, or who is disturbing others, will be asked to leave for the evening.

Students are expected to maintain an average score of 80% on all assignments and at least 80% attendance. If this does not occur three weeks in a quarter, and there is a waiting list of students wishing to enter the program, delinquent students will be placed on probationary status for one quarter. Any students who are unable to improve their record will be dropped from the program. They may elect to be placed on the waiting list (at the end) for admittance at a later date.

Students with active Special Education IEPs upon entering the program, may request services in the home district during the day. None will be offered in the evening, although tutoring will be readily available.

Each student will have a Graduation Plan. This plan will include academic and vocational goals.

All students are required to work during the day in order to develop good job skills. Each class taken needs to be supported by 50 hours of work. Students need to provide a pay stub to verify the nature and duration of their work placement, unless they have express permission from the Renaissance Academy Site Council. This work placement will be supervised by the Renaissance Academy Coordinator.

Delivery of Instruction

Each evening will be divided into four 45 minute sessions.

Students may elect to work on up to four different classes each evening. Each 45 minute session will count towards ½ credit. The typical student will obtain 1 credit per quarter, and 4 credits per year.

A quarter is considered to be 40 days long, 1.5 hours per day.

All classes, except Technology, have a prescribed amount of assignments that need to be completed at a competency level of 80%. If this work is completed in less than 44 days, credit will be awarded.

Technology class credit will be awarded after students have completed 44 days of study.

All classes will be offered as self-pacing units following constructivist practices. For example, science classes will include experiments; social studies classes will include research and videos; and language arts classes will include writing assignments.


All students will be required to achieve a mastery level of 9th grade in all areas of the TABE before graduating from the program, unless a specific disability can be established, or an IEP dictates otherwise.

All students will take the Wisconsin High School graduation test once it is required of their class.

Students who do not pass one or more areas of the graduation test will follow the same sequence of events as all other River Falls High School students.

Grading System

It is our belief that our students are, or have the potential to be, highly competent academically. We also believe that it is important for students to do well on their daily work so that they can maximize their learning. As a result, all daily work must be completed at an 80% level of competency. Work not meeting this criterion is to be re-done until it does reach the criterion. Slight exceptions may be made when particularly difficult work is assigned to less able students.

A 93-100%
B 85-92%
C 75-84%
D 67-74%
F Failure

P This grade is recognized for credit, but is not included in the GPA.

Contact Information

Taryl Graetz

Renaissance Charter Academy Director

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